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Being in a committed relationship has its ups and downs.  At some point most couples run into problems that seem almost impossible to solve.  The trap that we fall into is to either ignore the problems and sweep them under the rug (until the next time they rear their ugly heads), or confront them head on with blame, shame, guilt, or threats.

Neither of these methods are very effective in solving problems or preventing them from recurring in the future. does couples counseling work?

We will begin by identifying your goals as a couple, and then together, we will develop a treatment plan to help you reach those goals.

I will be providing you techniques that are specifically designed to help you solve current and future conflicts.


You will be asked to put in a little work at home to practice and use these skills in between sessions.

I will also help you to identify the emotional triggers in your relationship, and how to help yourself and your partner understand how work together when feeling emotionally triggered. 

I will assist you in planning for any future problems that might occur, so that you can become Proactive in your communication versus being Reactive.

Together, you will learn ways to nurture each other and keep the spark  alive that brought you together.

What Couples Counseling is NOT:

Therapy sessions are not a verbal boxing ring where the referee is the therapist.  It is not the therapist's role to determine who wins or loses in a fight.  I will not take sides in a disagreement or argument.

I will be a neutral party, and will listen closely to your concerns as I help you learn ways to face challenges and solve problems in healthy ways.

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