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There is no such thing as a "Perfect Parent."  The best we can strive for is to be the best parent we can be. 




MYTH:    Good parents always like their children.

TRUTH:  Even though you may love your child, there will be times when you dislike their behaviors or attitudes.

 MYTH:    If your child tantrums, acts out, or misbehaves it's because you did something wrong.

TRUTH:  It is your child/preteen/teenager's job to test the limits, assert their independence, and become frustrated or angry when they are told "No."  It is your jobs to help them understand the reasons behind your decisions so that they can make the right decisions in the future.

MYTH:    Parenting should come naturally.

TRUTH:  Parenting is a 'Learn-as-you go" process.

MYTH:    It worked with my first kid, so it should work with my other kids.

TRUTH:  Parenting techniques rarely work the same for all children, and it helps to be open to new ideas.

MYTH:   Good parents never argue in front of their children.

TRUTH: Children can actually benefit from observing their parents argue ONLY IF the argument does not include  name-calling, shaming yelling or physical altercations, and is resolved in a healthy way.  This helps children learn how to solve conflicts they have with others in healthy and productive ways.

Working with a therapist who has expertise in Parenting Training/Education is a great way to solve current challenges and avoid future problems.  Therapy sessions can also be used to help you find ways to balance parenting and marriage.  This is especially important if you are raising a special needs or medically fragile child.  Parenting Therapy is also a great way to learn how to help your child, pre-teen, or adolescent learn how to develop social-emotional regulation.  The ultimate goal is to create a positive relationship with your child through proactive parenting.

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