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I recently Googled, "What is Online Therapy?"

This is the first sentence that popped up:



'In a world that is more digital than ever, online counseling offers people the opportunity to obtain therapy in a setting that may be more comfortable and convenient than a traditional office visit.'

Dina Taylor, LMFT   

About ten years into my private practice,

I was working with a client who suffered from severe anxiety and became unable to travel to my office for sessions. 

I offered to provide sessions in her home, which was very unconventional at that time. 

She agreed that this was a great solution, and over the next three months, she and I met together

in the comfort of her living room.

This experience was invaluable for me as a therapist. 

It allowed me to get to know my client in ways that I would not have been able to

if we were confined to the four walls of my office.

After seeing the benefits, I began to offer other clients the option of in-home therapy.

I started to notice that from the very first session, clients were much more comfortable, open, and at ease.

I had the privilege of meeting their family members, pets, neighbors and friends. 

I was provided with a glimpse into their everyday lives and how they solved life challenges as they came up. 

I was given the gift of seeing their vegetable gardens and tasting the most delicious tomatoes I have ever eaten.

  I witnessed (in real time) how they handled their toddler's tantrums, their teenager's blow-ups,

and conflicts with their partners.

And ultimately, I had the honor of helping them develop tools to transform these challenges

into opportunities for change.

In March, 2020, the Covid pandemic caused me to close my physical office. 

My colleagues were having a difficult time imagining what it might be like to do on-line therapy. 

For me, it was a "No-Brainer". 

I had already experienced the benefits of in-home sessions, and this was an opportunity for me

to provide more clients with therapy in the comfort of their homes.

So, once again, I am seeing my clients in the comfort of their homes, meeting their pets,

and helping them navigate life's challenges in real time.  

I would be honored to help you as well!

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